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Used Mala Ramac X3M GPR For Sale

Come with

  •  MALA X3M Control Unit
  •  500MHz shielded antenna
  •  250MHz shielded antenna
  •  High brightness color Monitor XV11
  •  Parallel communication data cable 1.8m and 3.0m
  •  Rough terrain RT Cart
  •  Battery 12V 20Ah with case
  •  Battery charger 12.6V 20Ah
  •  Power cable
  •  Software GroundVision2
  •  Software Surfer11
  •  Software Easy3D
  •  Operator’s manual
At the heart of this new system is the MALÅ ProEx Control Unit. Designed on a completely new technical platform, the MALÅ ProEx is the most versatile control unit in the MALÅ Geoscience range.

The interchangeable features of the MALÅ ProEx make it available as a single or dual-channel system in the basic configuration, or a true multi-channel system with the optional expansion units. The MALÅ ProEx is fully compatible with all non-HDR antennas from MALÅ Geoscience, offering configurations between 30 MHz to 2.3 GHz, with up to 16 simultaneous recording channels.
Ethernet communications between the MALÅ ProEx and the MALÅ XV Monitor or a notebook PC ensure safe and reliable data transfer at high speed. Depending on the configuration and the antennas used, the MALÅ ProEx can perform various measurements, including standard reflection surveys, tomography, or velocity (CMP) measurements.
Application includes:
  • Archaeological Site Assessment
  • Location of ancient buildings, foundations and related vestiges
  • Avalanche control
  • Location of hidden weapons or evidence
  • Bathymetry studies
  • Measure bridge deck thickness
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