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New 3D scanner Cygnus For Sale!!

Number of axes
    measurement, for mining applications, underground
    laser, LIDAR
    compact, portable, fully integrated
Other characteristics

    227 mm (9 in)

    98 mm (4 in)
Measuring distance

    105 m (344'05")

Combining the latest SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology with the most efficient and revolutionary algorithms, the Cygnus Handheld LiDAR Scanner supports and assists you in 3D point cloud data acquisition efficiency to the fullest. No need to rely on GNSS satellites, Cygnus can help to obtain data in any outdoor, indoor, underground or another heavily obscured area. Meanwhile, the powerful SatLab SLAM Manager APP enables fast real-time data processing and data preview, and the post-processing software SLAM Studio supports multiple data post-processing functions, thus ensuring your work is in one step. The design of Cygnus makes it compatible with multi-platforms, such as drones, vehicles, or even backpacks. The Cygnus can be used for mining, forestry, underground digitisation, construction and other scenarios or work environments that require 3D modelling.

Product advantages:
1. Speedy and Accurate
Working at a range of 105m, 315,000 points per second, FOV of 360°×285° and accuracy of 1-3m. 

2. Real-time and Rapid Data Processing
Providing a real-time solution, and ready-to-use data after export.

3. Powerful Mobile Software
Supporting real-time preview and multiple browsing interaction methods; providing more human-computer interaction content.

4. Durable, Versatile and Portable, 
Working effectively in an environment of -30 - 60℃; using for handheld, backpack, drone and car-mounting.
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