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Brand New Geomax Zoom 95R Robotic Total Station For Sale

Come With

  • Zoom95 Fully Robotic WinCE Total Station with AiM360, TRack360 and Scout360, 3", accXess5 EDM, NavLight, alphanumeric keyboard with VGA colour & touch display, Long Range Bluetooth Handle interface, internal Bluetooth,
  • USB port,
  • SD Card slot,
  • Quick Guide
  • shipping case.
  •  USB Memory Stick 8GB
  •  Li-Ion Battery 4.4Ah
  •  Charger for ZBA201 & ZBA400 Li-Ion batteries
  •  Standard Tribrach without optical plummet, black
  •  Long-Range Bluetooth Handle for GeoMax Zoom70/75/90/95 total station
  • 360° prism with ruggedized rubber caps
  •  USB cable Mini-USB to USB Host (Zipp10/Zipp20/Zoom40/Zoom90/Zoom95 to a PC/Tablet)
  • Hard Carrying Case
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